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Our Twine- (A Concept that brings Families and Friends together at one place still distinct.)
OurTwine is group of professional team from IT who came up with an idea of making social activity with Family touch. In many countries including India, family traditions & values have always been given the ultimate importance in life.

Many civilization & their traditions that exists today, is only due the family passing on the many invaluable knowledge bases all the way from generations to generations. Many civilization that became extinct and no where to be found today was because they could not do this. Families have always followed and respected traditions coming from their forefathers. OurTwine wants families to remain. OurTwine Respects all civilizations & their valued traditions. It is this why OurTwine brings all the families of the world to one platform and share each other’s Rich heritages and know exciting experiences and much more.

There may be many flaws and negatives of family traditions too but undoubtedly there has been more Positives than negatives. Today it is the Family Tradition that has given a distinct image of India to the whole of the world, this strength has brought the countries to stand on their own feet.

OurTwine visualizes all families to be at one stage sharing their colorful customs & traditions, their food recipes and their way of life and much more. With OurTwine World is a Family.

Why OurTwine
Popularity of Social Media sites are well known facts today, it is this why new sites are coming up on various subjects touching lives of people. OurTwine stands apart with an unique concept of bringing Family & Friends together on the same platform, without compromising your privacy and much more. Our research shows that there is still something missing in the existing lot of the sites. With OurTwine we are endeavouring to fill that gap and bring endless opportunity for our users all at one place.

OurTwine team has come up with features that are close to the hearts of many. Main emphasis is being given on Family bond which is the strongest bond of any species, however without leaving friends whom we love so much. Life has become so fast today that we don’t even know our own family fully. The real networking starts from our own people our family & relations. OurTwine facilitates the users to make their family tree and grow it to unlimited level. Come what may the truth is, when in need, one always look towards family only. OurTwine helps make even Big family a close knit group & share pleasantries as well as grief of life.

The ease of operation is given top priority at the same time the privacy & the security is also well taken care of. We are open to suggestions from our valued users and therefore welcome your Open and Honest Feedbacks. We are happy to get Good words of appreciations from you, but we will not shy away from your criticism. We pay special attention to our critics, because it is they who help us improve and innovate. Welcome all aboard.
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